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just seen this game on TikTok and had to buy it. Will be playing it on stream sometime this week. 


Just Purchased the game! Gonna try and give it a go later this week on stream! Very excited to play it!!

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I'm excited to see you play it! If you enjoyed the experience, feel free to post your vid/stream here!


saw it on tiktok, bought it and gonna stream it tomorrow on twitch :D
looking forward to play it

Thanks for buying it! It's a short wholesome & goofy experience. Can you post your link to your Twitch here?

sure it's

Gonna start playing it at 16:00 GMT+1

Can I play with Friends? 

It's a single player game experience! You could technically take turns playing the game, and record their reactions though! Then look back at it and have a good laugh. 


I wish i had the money to help support but ive heard tons of stuff about this game and thought id give it a go


That's great you heard tons of stuff about the game! No worries that you couldn't pay. I'm just glad you enjoyed the experience! Side note, where did you hear about the game? I've had a massive influx of people playing lately and I don't know why haha


There's a fairly popular Tik Tok out there, so I assume that could be part of it:

Awesome looking game by the way!


Thanks man! Question, since I'm broke as hell and there seems to be a demand for this game now, I put a price tag on it. Good call or naw? What would you say is a good price for this short experience?


Nothing wrong with putting a price on something you put hard work into. Honestly I think the $5 price tag is perfect. It's not too much so it shouldn't put many people off from purchasing, and it's not too little so you should get a decent return if your downloads are going up.

This is from a consumer standpoint though, so take my words with a grain of salt. I haven't actually developed anything worth putting a price tag on yet haha. Game seems solid though, and is very unique. Keep at it my man, you're killing it.

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I decided to put it for $4.99 at first because of the traffic is good right now, but I feel maybe it would be to high? The game can be beat in 15-25 min and does have some bugs (my first game). I lowered it to $2.99. I'll make less money for food, but the reach might be higher. What do you think? 


While I did encounter a couple of bugs, and the jump scares wore off a little towards the end, this was an enjoyable experience that gave me a few laughs and a couple frights! Great work!

Thanks for playing! 

 Glad you had a enjoyable experience! We knew the jump scares had a shelf life so we kept the game short for that reason, for sure!

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Surprisingly enjoyable,  also might as well post a link to my video.

Actual screamed.

Fun & Scary! Well done!

Basically what I go through on an average Sunday.

3 Scary games, Tall Poppy is the 3rd gameplay, Hope You Enjoy!!

Great Game played it for 3 terrifying games  games on my channel!

Trying to give me a heart attack? Great Game.

Thanks for playing! Cardiologists give it their gold star recommendation :P 

It was rough on the heart but great game.

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So, this was fun, really but i believe it still needs a lot of work. I found a that having that many physics assets, though funny at times, causes glitches. I went up to a note on a desk and I guess I got too close because while the note was being shown on the screen, the background started moving subtly at first then so rapidly. A chair launched me to oblivion (Out of the world) and I had to restart. There's also another glitch I found. Once you die, if you click on the "Last checkpoint" button too fast, you'll restart but the "You Died" screen won't leave. If you pause and quit to the main menu then click to play the game, you'll restart at that checkpoint with the "You died Screen" still showing but this time, things got strange. You hear the phone message play from the beginning and a lot of the triggers activated, as if the game was trying to catch up to where the player was. That was something to see, honestly. Also, there are a few pet peeves I had with it but, those are just minor annoyances. The trigger to open cabinets, drawers and stuff like that seems to be off. As in, I had no idea where I had to stand in order to open them. I'd stand at one point the top drawer would open, stand closer and the bottom drawer would open, I'd go back to the spot where I opened the top drawer and the trigger would disappear, or the bottom would continue to open. Lastly, you should make the player's mesh not cast a shadow. Looks odd watching the shadow of 2 arms floating around, although, made me laugh. But like I said, I enjoyed the experience and think you guys should work on it a bit more. Stay safe and I wish you all the best. :)

Thanks for playing! 

I'm not going to beat around the bush like some devs do, all those bugs are in the game.  I (Chris) knew it and released it anyways because we wanted to start fresh on new projects. We were supposed to make the game in 3 months, and it ended up taking 6 or 8 months. Why?

1) We had source control issues that we weren't used to using
2) The primary programmer pretty much stopped mid-development to keep working on his own game. I don't blame him, I pulled him off his dream project to work on a short game, and he just wasn't as passionate as I was about Tall Poppy. 
3) I was the 3D artist and animator and had to suddenly learn programming, I wanted to finish what I started, so I did the best I could with what I learned at the time. 

What you played was a game made by a few dudes who wanted to team up to make a game, then one took off and the other was left to piece it together.

Tall Poppy was a great learning experience for myself and my future games will be better because of it. We knew there was bugs, that's why you don't have to pay a dime to play it. No sense to put a price on it because it's a short buggy game. I don't even promote/market it either. 

Honest speak, I could fix the bugs now, but it would take time away from my future project. To me, Tall Poppy was like being in a relationship that didn't work, I tried to make it work (learned programming) and in the end we had to go our own ways (put it on itch and not look back). What's done is done. I keep the game the buggy way it is as a lesson to myself to be better. In a way, that's the art of it as well. It's a video game, and a lesson. 

Also, some folks play the game and don't have any bug issues, some play and catch all the bugs and more haha. Either way, thanks for playing it!

Well, kudos to you man. Same thing happened to me. I'm a sound designer and had to learn coding for a few projects. I never released any works though. I feel, if I'm going to release something I want to it to be the best, without bugs (which is probably a pipe dream because even huge games have bugs.) Anyway, I admire that and your honesty. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see what else you've come up with. Stay safe out there :)


"The truth will set you free" they say haha. Yeah, the best it can be is admirable but with no budget, publisher and done while we were working fulltime / part time jobs it was a challenge. What was most important is that we "finish" something.

You will pump out a released project one day, man. I work solo now and have two games on the go. One is a 3D  VR game called Devotion's Crew, the other is a 2D game called Sloppy & Brutal. I learned with Tall Poppy that I can get creative burnout, so having a pallet cleanser project helps. Might help you too! Thanks man for the best wishes, I wish you the same too!

I have 2 projects on the works too ha. One of which is close to being finished so,  hopefully I will be able to release something soon. What did you mean by a pallet cleanser project??  Also, I'd love to try out those games man, Well, can't try the VR one but the 2D's title sounds interesting lol. What's it about??  Mine's "The Hallow" which is a dude who needs money and participates in an experiment conducted by one of the biggest tech companies in the world. It's an action horror game, like Outlast. Hey, maybe we should collab on a game some time ha, I think that'd be pretty fun.



Have you ever wanted to punch a ghost in the dick? Follow them into a dark alley and introduce their shins to an iron pipe? Find out where their ghost wife works? Where their ghost kids go to school? I have...

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why the jump scares in this game work so fucking well and I think it has something to do with the crack the protagonist smokes before venturing forward into their quest to return their girlfriends purse from a graveyard. You do everything SO.GODDAMN.FAST. You kick in the doors to the nunnery like you've got somewhere to be! And this adds an interesting juxtaposition between the controls and the atmosphere.

The common tropes in horror games are slow moving characters, terribly dark lighting, and some spooky background sounds for a bit of ambiance. This is why most players will take every corner slowly, checking every shadow for a demon waiting to eat their toes. Even though the map isn't the MOST horroresque it does a great job when setting the mood. Now you add in a character that breaks the mold and moves much quicker then most games it almost pulls you out of the horror aspect and makes you feel like you are playing a different genre. It doesn't feel like a horror game so you dont play it at the same pace you would normally play horror. When a jump scare does happen you get violently ripped back into the game and get rudely reminded what kind of game you're playing.

Comedy horror doesn't come up enough in games and movies so I was glad I got to play this, good shit bud.

Fuckin' eh man! Best review ever!

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I don't think anything could've prepared me for how badly the jumpscares were going to get me. I was laughing so much playing this game!

That was awesome! Your editing game is strong, I dig the memes in between. Koolaid man with the x-files theme made my morning! Thanks for playing!

I can imagine Polly haunting me simply because he wants renovations to the premises. 

Pour les Francophones !

(SCARIER THAN YOU THINK) Head back to the Church in this indie horror game. A simple search and locate turns out to be a JUMPSCARE NIGHTMARE! Poppy is taller than you think, and he's playing games at the cemetery. Get ready for some fun frights in this HEART POUNDING experience!


Hhehehe, got you good! Thanks for giving the game a play!

Well that was a surprising experience in the best way! xD

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Really loved the game! even though I wanted to throw hands with Tall Poppy a couple of times it was a very enjoyable experience lol

Thanks for playing! I love your reaction at 25:52 and that remix. Glad you enjoyed it!

Anytime! you really had me with those little jump scares lol I hate I never turned around and saw poppy chasing me when I first went down into the tunnel. That would've definitely got me lol

Thanks for the really fun Game ! 😄

We got you a few times with a few spooks! Thanks for playing it Deianora!

A fantastic game, this actually makes you jump, i would of loved to see some interactables on the kitchen counters in the rooms and also a reason to hide in the darkness under the stairs, all the scares are on point and it is a thrill to play.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Great Game Had So Much Fun! Thank you guys so much!

Some good laughs in there man! Thanks for playing!

Enjoyed this! Saw it originally on 8-BitRyan's channel, so I decided to make my own!

I included your game in my montage. Thanks again for great work!

Almost gave you a heart attack there eh! Thank's for playing it and putting it in your video!

It was a short, funny, maybe even a bit scary experience. I loved the ghosts attitude, he is trying to remain humorous while killing somebody.

"Dude, cardio is the worst!"

It's good. As someone noted, this game is very unpredictable, it even had a bit of a story! 

It could be a bit more longer, i also would love to see you make more games like this. 8/10.


Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

Humor and horror should not go so well together! This is a masterpiece!!

Thanks for playing!

sorry . thanks for the warning. there was a mistake, now it is Tall poppy

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Love how unpredictable this game is, you made me flinch a couple of times, but the novelty wore off towards the end and i ran past some of the jumpscares.

Thanks for giving our game a try! I'm glad we got you a few times :) And agreed, we intentionally made the game short because the gimmick gets old after you get the just of it (in most horror games to). Thanks again!


Thanks for playing! We got you a few times :P

I recorded this a couple weeks ago, but didn't have a chance to edit until now.

I liked this! I thought it was a lot of fun. My computer is getting old, so the performance wasn't that great, but I still enjoyed this a lot in spite of that!

Hope you guys go on to make more games!

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The first jumpscare got me really bad! Keep up the good work! (playthrough in polish language)

10/10 would poop pants again

Good Job, You scared me my friend.

That's great!

I have to admit, I got jumpscared a few times x)

just got done playing your game and i was having a good time, thank you . there was a part were something happened and i dont know if it was a bug or glitch but the you died screen stayed on even after i revived , also recorded it ofcourse :) still good doe : 

Gameplay en español

Hello! Really hope you replied to my concern few days ago instead of avoiding it. Anyways, I had fun playing the game. The jumpscares were funny and fun to experience. Also played with the physics of the things around. Hope you guys enjoyed my video! Had a lot of jumpscares which is always great for content!

You did an amazing job honestly just the audio not being picked up sucks but overall a fun game!

Thanks for playing! Super glad you had a good time with it! We were not avoiding my friend, we were looking into the audio issue! We couldn't replicate it on our end unfortunately. It seems very situational and could be a number of issues like audio drivers, outdated Streamlabs or OBS or a number of factors. Or even a fresh install of the game might of fixed something that got corrupted during a recording? Either way we are glad you still persisted and played it and enjoyed it!

Thanks for replying! I've double checked everything tho, everything's up to date plus I did reinstall the game multiple times as well so I really don't know what caused the problem. Other than that, keep up the good work! I'll be waiting for your next game and play it. :)

Hope you enjoyed my video!

Sounds good man! I'll need play testers for sure! So keep your computer for the next game (Smugglers Love, just started pre-production on it). If you want to follow progress on the game click here!

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