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The graphics and gameplay was that of a triple A company, Really enjoyed this "experience" made me reflect on life 100/10


Yes, it was I (Chris) partly responsible for this madness muhahah. Thanks for playing and for the awesome vid!

Was a very funny experience! You get scared by a sudden jumpscare and then just sh*t laugh yourself because it was something really silly.

Definitely recomend the game! :D

The only thing I wish for is that it would be longer, but hey thats a good thing haha

This game was actually a fun and pretty spooky horror game that i enjoyed playing, i definitely suggest giving it a shot, if you can  check out my playthrough and maybe subscribe if you enjoyed.. maybe? Have a good day :D

Thanks for playing! Great video!

This game was absolutely amazing!!! I enjoyed both the horror and comedy aspects and it reallly made me scream at some points...

"Dude, Casper the ghost noises? What's going on?!" Solid vid! Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much!!!

Very cool well made game. Even the paper ones on the wall got me lol. Game here: 

Please subscribe !!!

Great Vid! Thanks for giving us a chance to entertain you!

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That's awesome! We're glad you had a blast!

Hello, I want to play this game but before I buy it I would like to know if i can play this game with friend. Anyone knows this?

Thanks for your interest in Tall Poppy! The game is a single player game, so you guys can take turns beating it. I am working on a build with a New Game system, so you can easily restart and have your buddies play it! It's a short but sweet game for you guys to play!


This game managed to make me laugh and still scare TF out of me! This game was actually hilarious. Check out my playthrough here, I had some really funny moments!

Thanks for playing our "fu-fu-ass horror game"! Love the edits man, you make good content! 

From someone who HATES playing horror games, I loved this! It was perfectly spooky, it got me every time, but the humor behind the jump scares made it much more bearable and entertaining for me. Very well made, and I think this is a game that could have more layers added on to it if the devs wanted to in the future, but it's already a great spooky short game as is. I did come to it thinking it was free from the tiktok I saw, but when I saw the price was a mere $3 I was still happy to pay for it, because artists, especially good ones like these guys, should be paid for good work. Thank you for making the game, I hope you will continue making more games with interesting twists on normal mechanics like this one.

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We're glad you enjoyed it! We hoped having a goofy ghost would onset the dread of playing a horror game :)

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bro the game was originally $4.99 I think he said when he put a price on it and he lowered it, be thankful its as cheap as it is, i get it would be nice if it was free but this games super fun and worth it


You make some good points and I understand your position. It's super cool how you will still recommend the game at a later date! To be fair, I'm new to this whole process, so I'm learning as I go. Opinions like yours will help shape my decisions moving forward!

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Looks - 5/5

Now, while I have a pretty old GPU and couldn't play everything on anything other than Low except for "Post Quality" (It wouldn't let me choose low), the games graphics were still super good. Even if you have an older GPU like me or even integrated graphics (which are probably better than what i have), you can still run the game at 30+ fps. 

Sounds - 5/5

Sounds are amazing in this game, everything was at a good volume and could easily be put into more games similar to this. However, I did see some people having some volume problems (not outputting sound, outputting sound to the wrong device, etc.) which was not the case for me.

Enjoyment - 4/5

The games super fun but I had some problems to initially get me into the game. First problem was I couldn't play while my GPU was overclocked or else I would get an error. The developer quickly helped me with the problem by providing me with a link to fix it. After that, the game worked like a charm. Fun jump scares and quick game to beat... still scary though haha.

Developer - 5/5

The developer (ChrisL / ChrisDev) is a super fun guy in his server and helps out with everyone who has any problems. All around a genuine guy and everyone should support him and his game.

Price - 5/5

Easy price of $2.99 for a simple game that takes 25-30 minutes to complete.

Overall - 4.75/5

The game is definitely worth it for the price tag of $2.99, I would recommend this for anyone who wants a fun game to stream / make a fun video about. Jump scares aren't too scary but more silly that frightens you.


How come this game cost money now?


Because this song ^
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I can't join the Discord server, the invite is invalid

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by any chance is there a spanish subs patch?

Why do I need to buy it? Why I can't just download it?


Budget cuts

Because of this song ^

This was one of the FUNNIEST and most UNIQUE horror games I've played XD The voice acting was cracking me up while I was editing. I really appreciate when developers take a shot at making a unique game and I'm glad that you guys are seeing success! Keep up the great work!

   - CrazyCheesePuf 

Thanks for playing! You got some James Brown scream action going on haha! Solid vid!

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He ugly but at least he's tall...


Your editing skills are top-notch man! Thanks for playing the game, I had a good laugh at your video! 

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i cant get it to run, i just keep getting the "fatal error, the game crashed and will be closing" message. it starts up behind the message and then goes black and stays like that

I apologize. I am working hard trying to find a solution. I have a new build in the works that should hopefully help fix some bugs! Stay tuned, it should be out by this weekend.


Just got the game and i cannot play it. game runs but has no sound at all! wasted my money and time

We're working on a fix. Not all hope is lost. We are working on a build and will release in the next few days and hope it works. 

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I tried playing the game but all it did was crash, Not really good at all. I've tried plenty of times to get it to work but nothing has happend, I was looking foward to this game.

Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection. Under Virus & threat protection settings, select Manage settings, and then under Exclusions, select Add or remove exclusions. Select Add an exclusion, and then select from files, folders, file types, or process.

This is very good game from very good developer Chris Man which is his real name and not a pseudonym. 


played it on stream, like it very much
10/10 recommend to buy!

10/10 Would recommend your stream! Thanks for playing!


My game ran smoothly, and i absolutley loved the game great job.  You sure did scare the shit out of me with the jump scares haha.

Glad to hear! Thanks for playing :)

i really wanna play this but you see i only have 3 bucks left in my bank so i cant get it but i have the urge to just say screw it and buy it 

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That's not your ninja way Naruto! Prioritize food with that $3 and buy some ramen!


Got to do a blind run of this game on stream today and everyone seemed to have a blast. It ran smooth for me on my computer, stream had some weird jittery issues however it was great fun for 5 bucks. So glad that the Tiktok video brought some life to it =D

Glad you had a good time MeirnoVR! It's amazing how one video from a influencer can make the difference!


I swear this game was free just yesterday-

it was free lmao then he changed it 

Glad I downloaded before then 

I changed it because we, the developers, are broke as hell. So I figured, since there was a market demand for the game, and my fridge is almost empty, I should start charging a small price for the game we worked on. Hope you understand, man's gotta eat. Also, side note, the game was released in 2019 and not getting much attention at all. It's Sept 2021 and it blew up more than ever (even though Markiplier played it in 2019). 

Completely understand glad to see the game got traction after all this time very fun to play as well

Is there a way to reset progress? I would really enjoy making some friends play this game and reinstalling it didn't work

We are working on a New Game system! New build is coming as soon as we can get it out. Thank you for playing!

Brilliant work!! I just finished the game and absolutely loved it!  Had absolutely no audio or visual issues on my end. Had a nice smooth play filled with some great jumpscares I was able to clip. Cant wait to see what you have planned in the future.

OMG music to my ears man! Thank you for this great review!


Absolutely!! Will def spread the word and try and get my friends to give it a go

Is it or will be available for MacOS?

Since I don't have a Mac, I can't properly test it unless I had testers to test it out. So not in the foreseeable future. 

Having the same audio issue as a lot of people. I re-downloaded, re-launched several times in several ways to try to fix it. It only wants to come out of the stereo.

It seems like the audio is working but only through your speakers?

Yes, I heard the little heartbeat sound in the loading screen through my headphones but after that it was all speakers. 

Do not worry, I know that there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to making a game. I hope you do not get discouraged by this :-) 


Thanks man, it's been a long night trying to fix these audio issues some folks are having. Please be patient, hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some answers. 


I'm looking into this right now, I'm a one person developer and I'm inexperienced with this audio issue. Please join the discord and give me your dxdiag .txt file. That way I can narrow down what the issue is. 

When i download it the instructions say to open tall poppy.exe but i dont see it? only a content folder with movies and paks?

I just downloaded the file from the website like anyone would have it, it had the .exe in it. 

Build 1.3.4> WindowsNoEditor> Tall Popp.exe is at the bottom

okay i reinstalled it and found the file but not it wont start and has an error pop up when i try to

Perhaps trying to right click on it and Run As Administer might help. What does the error sentence say. 

yeah i tried that too but doesnt seem to work either;/

Do you have anti-virus software, if so, can you add the game folder to the anti-virus exception list? That may fix the issue. One drive might be doing some scans on it to , perhaps unzipping outside your users folder C or D drive. 


hey, i saw this game on tiktok and was gonna get it, i went to the site on my phone and saw it was free and we so hyped but then i got on my pc and it said it was 3 bucks...


You should def get it, well worth the price of a coffee.


Aye it was free this morning, but when I woke up I had a crazy amount of downloads that I never had before, so when I seen that I decided to put a small price on the game. I released the game in 2019 and it was pretty much on life support, as is my bank account. Hope you understand man!


fully understandable^^ bro my bank accounts down this rabbithole for a long time^^ but supporting small creators i can afford^^ keep up your work. i playtested before my stream later and i must say i like it^^ but it has for some reason minor performance issues on my machine.

Awesome small horror game! First time I played today I explored everything for the fun of it, and those jumpscares really got me haha. Second time I played I rushed through it, and after that I thought it would be fun to try and speedrun it, cause why not? Finished the game in 2 minutes 10 seconds when speedrunning, but I played for a good 15-20 minutes my first time. Well worth the $3.

That's great to hear! Glad you enjoyed it!

I just downloaded the game and I also have no sound when I start the game, everything else on my PC sound wise is working perfectly fine. Help??

I was streaming it for my friends on discord, they could hear some of what was going on in the game but I don't hear anything on my end.

Did you try playing again and if so, did you get audio?

I did, multiple times. 

I get a Fatal Error as soon as I load the game.. any insight?

I just bought the game e excited to play and I'm having audio problems as well. The game starts and I hear the heartbeat and then sound cuts out and stops working altogether. Sound works fine everywhere else

Same here

Did you try again and did the sound work?

If someone gifts me this ill give you a kiss ;)

what a silly ghost he knows all the blunders in the book!

hey every time i launch the game its got no audio any help?

That's never been reported however are your audio drivers up to date? Headphones or speakers plugged in? Is your PC set the right output for audio? Windows updates to perform? Try some of those and if you still have audio issues, I'll look into it further.  

yeah everything should be good i looked i just lose audio for the game when i load it up

Having the same problem. My computer plays sound everywhere else but when I launch the game the sound cuts out

can someone gift me the game?

Hey, sure man I hook you up as a one time deal! You'll have to join my discord, then I can send you the key there!

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