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okay so hear me  out...

Nahh yall went crazy with this game!!!

Loved the meme edits and your warrior screams! Thanks for playing!

This was the funniest horror game I have played this year, I really enjoyed it!!

"My calf muscles have tightened up so much!" 
You had me laughing! Thanks for playing!

Absolutely I had a blast playing it!!  I can't wait to play Tall Poppy 2!!!!

TOO FUN this game :D thank you for this game !

Got you a few times! Thanks for playing!

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Being meaning to post this video for quite some time now. But I am still recommending Tall Poppy to anyone who will listen. Thanks for the fun game!

Thanks for Playing! Great vid!

Game was funny, it made a nice respite from playing just horror games. Loved the budget horror humour.

Thanks for playing! I forgot about the version number in the window haha! Good find! Also,  stay tuned for Tall Poppy 2! Teaser releasing soon!

Nice Work! ^^ I love this Game <3

Vielen Dank, dass Sie uns die Gelegenheit geben, Sie zu unterhalten!


We had you screaming! Thanks for playing!

One of the Better Indie horror games I've played in a while! this game was awesome!

Solid vid! Thanks for playing!

You had me rolling, and then nearly jumping our of my skin! Loved it!


Great video! Great quality in your sound and edits to btw! Thanks for giving us a chance to entertain you!

such an amazing concept for a horror game, good one!

Had a very fun time playing this game. I love the concept of a "funny" horror game and I'm glad I got to play it on the channel! 

That's awesome! I'm glad we could entertain you!

absolutely incredible game! Had a ton of fun with this

LOL Got you good a few times! Thanks for giving us a chance to entertain you!

loved it goo SUB!!

Hehe We got you a few times! Thanks for playing!

its a good game, i only started playing but what bothers me is that you can't change the keys to move, i use a "azerty" keyboard and the game is in "qwerty" so its hard for me to play

scared me 7 times and 0 deaths its a really gooooood game hope to get new updates bcs too small anyway Thanks for free game! very good

Glad you liked it, also, where did you get it for free??????

Game turned out to be funnier than I expected, but also scared me

That's great to hear! Thanks for playing

genuinely one of the coolest ideas for a horror game, but its done so terribly.

Thanks for your input. What types of things would you change to make it more suitable to your standards?

so i really liked the idea of the horror part being a self-aware jester, but it feels so out of place that he genuinely wants to murder you? it just feels like its out of character, that being said i dont know poppy like the creator does or anything.

it was just so weird, i was strung between liking him and disliking him. like just going back and forth. 

you can still make him scary because the times before he said he was gonna murder me n shit i was still terrified by the jumpscares.


I absolutely loved this game!! I love that he had such a great personality.. too bad he wants to kill me

Awesome vid man! 

Thanks bro! It was an awsome game

nice vid bro. if you dont like toilets. I'd suggest NOT playing deathflush. good indie game with lots of stupid bathroom based humor, but good for toilet haters.

Allot of "toilets" huh?? Ill have to go chack that out... lol thanks for watching the video! You'll have to check out my death flush video when it comes out

just posted death flush lol, and you were right 

this game is so funny , i screamed so many times 


I loved this game! It was so fun and I got scared :D




i love this video

Thank you! That means a lot :D


this game is super fun

This was a really enjoyable experience for the three of us. Thanks for the goofy game and the jumpscares. 

Dry wall fridge indeed! Thanks for playing guys!

The drywall and fake ice maker did create space in them. All jokes aside, it was a very fun game. Thank you for making it.


This game is a really fun experience.

This game will meme you while still jumpscaring the crop out of you.

Combined classic jump Scares and comedy really well.

Worth a purchase!


I really liked the game! Though I was losing my breath at all the jump scares, it was actually pretty funny. I experienced a few bugs along the way but noticed the game had been updated since I played it so I'm sure it's all good. Great game! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

This was a great treat to watch! Thank you for playing!


just came from coney's stream, good movie! definitely a 5


I first saw the game on TikTok and thought "hay a horror game where the ghost is a troll might be up my ally" I'm not good with scary games. But I was only scared once, for the rest of it I was laughing, had a smile for the whole game, 10/10, this was a fun, funny experience.


Tall poppy  was more funny than  scary,  and think that was the whole point
quite a fun experience,  and i even recorded my gameplay of it!
if you have a spare 2 dollars,  give this game a check


Thanks for playing! We got you in the crypts hehe! 

This was a really fun game, one of the better indie horror games i've played on my channel, even as a female gamer, I am wildly desensitized to horror games, this was fun and scary! Buuuutt I did break it a few times, and I LOVE that you added controller support,  but, there was no mappinig, no sprint button on the controller, or a button to read the memos, still totally worth it! Check out my full let's play below.

Thanks for playing! We just released a patch last night (Oct 20th) that fixes many bugs that you may have experienced with the older build you played. Also, we didn't intend to add controller support, however I will put it on my task list for the next build we are working on with new areas, spooks, updated graphics and a VR mode!


i fuck longer then this game.

its a 2$ game, what did you expect, Resident Evil? 

This was such a hilariously fun game! The flipping between funny and terrifying were so well done, my poor heart was all over the place! I thoroughly enjoyed this and hope to see another game by you! 

Great video! We got you a few times eh!

this game made me wanna slap the sh*t outta my mom, dk why tho

played your game at 17:18, safe to say its the game I've had the most jumpscares from and he even made the thumbnail! Great game, check out my video.

Thank you for playing and slapping Tall Poppy's lovely face on your thumbnail! Solid video man!

I recently made this video on the game!!! Can't wait to play some more!! 

i played this game a little while ago and completely forgot to post it here, so here it is! i really enjoyed it

Plss make android i really want this on android

Absolutely amazing game! def worth trying imo!

I discovered this game on TikTok and I have to say it didn't disappoint. This game filled the hole in my heart that wanted a game that was both scary and hilarious. I wish this game was longer, I'd love to hear more about poppy's story. It would be funny to play from the perspective of the hairy-legged nun. haha Thanks for putting together this gem, I look forward to your future games!

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This comment filled my heart! We are working on a Steam release that adds a new areas, different spooks and a VR mode! 

This game was hilarious, check me out and let me know what you think.

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