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I'm glad you had fun with the game! Thanks for giving it a chance to entertain you!

This game was so much fun. Gotta love them jumpscares!

11:06 that cackle was great! Thanks for playing!

Great game! A definate spin on the usual Horror genre. A must play for horror fans & anyone else who likes a good scare and a laugh!

6:15, we gotcha good there! Awesome play-through!

So so good!

Really enjoyed it! Well done :P

That was fun to watch! Thanks for giving it a try!

Thanks for making it! 

ohhh muy buen juego el fantasma es genial

¡No hablo español, pero tengo que agradecerte por jugar nuestro juego! Disfruté tu vamos a jugar! Esto fue traducido por google, así que espero que tenga sentido!

I had so much fun playing this, i even made a video.

11:21 was magic! "Ahhhbolobooboo"! Thanks for giving the game a chance!


Fun little horror game!

link to my channel (opens in new tab)

9:20 is a good time! Thanks for playing Jonny!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for playing! We got you good for a few scares eh!


I had to reupload.  I tried to edit my post and I messed it up lol.  Like I said before, this was a fun game and the perfect length!

There is no audio for me after I open the game. :\

Well, while the game gave me some chills here and there, I ended up finding the jump scares... cute in a certain way ( at least the sound effects :p ). Still, it was a fun walk overall, and I enjoyed it ^^

soooo.. i gave it another chance and hoepefully i managed to entertain better..

also we are friends for ever

luv u BB

At 3:00 thanks for giving it a go again! You did indeed do it justice! Much gratitude for your play-through once more!

No problem man, the game was fun

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HAHA!! OH GEEZ! This game is scary yet hilarious. Had me laughing yet with my heart racing. Thank you for creating such awesomeness! Check out my walk through!

5:07 I feel your anxiety level by the mouse movements! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the experience! Feel free to use my content :)

This playthrough was a gem at 11:00! Thanks for playing!

I laughed and screamed so much during this. Loved it.

This one was great! My fave was at 6:29 "naw...naw...AHHHHHH". Looks like he gotcha!

I need some more of this type of game. Amazing.

This game was scary but also really funny, I really enjoyed playing it.

Solid playthrough! Loved 2:15!

I couldn't even finish it in one play through im so freaked out. I curse my weaknes to horror games.

I finished it thankfully

We are glad you beat it! Thanks for playing!

Had fun trying out this game!  Game definitely scared me quite a bit!  


That was great! Thanks for giving the game a chance to entertain you cmodplays!


SKIP TO 13:04!!!

Thanks for giving the game a shot! Also I feel you at 17:24!

Love the fact that its a funny horror game lol

Thanks for playing Sammy! Loved 6:17

🤣FUNNIEST HORROR GAME EVER? | Tall Poppy (Full Game)👻

Tall poppy was so much fun! The game made me laugh along with giving off some really good horror vibes! Plenty jump scares too! So come see all the fun! 😅

Well done to all the people involved in this project! You's have smashed it!

We appreciate the kind words at the end of your video! Thanks for giving the game a shot! Also  at 5:17 is magic.

No worries! I absolutely loved this game :) sorry for my delay! Glad you enjoyed it too

This game was amazing. I had to go back and donate after finishing it. Well done.


Dear Frosted Dicks (4:57)
TRUE authentic scares in this one man! At 1:41 had me LOLing

I had a whole lotta fun playing this game, even tho I was scared the whole time playing it! 😂 It was funny yet even more scary and that's what I really enjoy about it! Good job! 👍🏾


I loved the edits! At 1:42, I tip my hat to you :) 

Sexiest game I have ever jerked o--- I mean um. Geewd games.


10:58 is gold. Genuine spooked! Thanks a bunch for playing man!

Oh no problemo dude, please make a sequel!! ><

This game was hilarious , I was also slightly tipsy from being at the pub with my friend when I recorded this, which just made it even more funny! 😂 

Drunken spooky game playing is always a good time! Thanks for giving the game a chance!


amazing game! one of the best horrors I played in a while as very unique well done guys! 

Solid chuckles through your play-through! Glad you enjoyed it!


Actually the scariest and funniest game 2019. It was the most ambitious cross over of genres since ancient Rome. Great game 10/10.

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Straight up 7:43 is my fave, with the tongue blowout and all! Thanks for playing man! "Why was that my reaction?!?!?!?!"

i think this was very very scary but i was very very tired

Tired indeed but still grateful that you gave it a try!

i simply hope i was able to entertain and i apologise if i didn't :3

We had a blast playing this game!!   Thank you devs for this Horror-Comedy game!!  We may have found a few bugs... 


Thanks for playing! That note bug is hard to reproduce on my end so I spent a few hours today trying to nail down the issue. I think I "fixed" it. I appreciate you playing the game and enjoying it though!

The note thing was user error...  If you watch til the end, there was a glitch in the catacombs...  We even posted a final count for how many times the user error occured xD


I appreciate that you still had a good time even though it was bugging out on you! When I see that it was popping up I was cringing hardcore on my end haha. Picard facepalming hardcore. I was like "but how is that even possible" because in order to pull open a note you have to be beside it. It's a strange bug that I hope I fixed in the new build. 

It's alright... We have a way of finding bugs xD  We think it is an unwritten rule that if someone has issues with something you create you need to cringe.  It gave us an idea for an end card :)  Just don't beat yourself up too badly about it!!

Idk why i screamed so much... but i did.. alot. GREAT LITTLE HORROR GAME!

Straight up LOL'ed at 6:23! Awesome playthrough!

Note too  developers!! I genuinely LOVE this game! terrifying at the same time as charming! made for such an awesome video on my channel, thank you so much and i hope there will be a longer version at some point!!

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I genuinely LOVED your scream at 5:00! Solid play through man, thanks for playing it! 

Haha legend thank you..  the screams man lol .... the games amazing, just need more :D

Definitely a twist on the horror genre! Had a good time with this goofy game!

Thanks for playing man! At 10:24 you nailed it! We were going for a short but goofy experience because most horror games do take themselves too serious and it's refreshing to have a goofy time sometimes! Also that note order was wack, I gotta fix that haha. Thanks for giving this game a chance man!

Definitely a goofy title lmao you got me a lot with those comedic jumpscares!!

That was great! I seen you had a issue with the crypt key when you respawned you were at the keys last position (the statues hand). The bug was rare on playthroughs but I will work to fix it.  Thanks for giving it a try, your video was great!

Yea the game was great i just had bad luck haha

I attempted a bug  fix for the key spawn in the crypt, hope it helps if you decide to play again! It's in the new build. 

Deleted 3 years ago

Solid video! I'm glad you liked it! 

What you said about the length being the right length, I am glad you noticed that! Most people have about 30-40 min of courage to play a scary game and give up or pass it off to someone else to play for them. Knowing that, we made it nice and short so people can play through in one go! Very attentive! 

Graphic and overall everything is great of this game 5/5.


There are 3 types of gamers in horror games:

1)  Scream at every little thing

2) Play it cool but get silently spooked but don't show it

3) Hide in every in-game closet they can find when something spooky happens. 

You my friend, are #3 hehe! Thanks for giving this game a chance to entertain you!

haha yeah you are right :D


I love horror mixed with comedy, great job.


Thanks for playing it! I enjoyed your video big time! Thanks for giving it a try :)

Very nice and spooky game, really enjoyed it!

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Awesome, we will look into it! I checked out the site, looks good. Solid suggestion


The game is scary as hell atmosphere is awesome i liked it , i hope you enjoy my gameplay


Thanks for playing! Your PC did the game justice! Appreciate the video, made me smile!

Thank you so much , i'm  glad you liked the video :)

Cool experience, well worth trying out!

Thanks man! Thanks for trying it out!

It was a very nice scary game and beware of the video there's a lot of Screams HAHAHAH

Awesome video man! Dude you made my day with your man screams! Thanks for playing and giving it a chance!

HAHAHAH no problem and let me know in the future if you make more games so I could play them.

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