Bug fixing and re-writing 2019 code

Hey there folks!

Thank you for giving us a chance to entertain you and having fun with the game!

To those who purchased the game and is having fatal errors or audio issues, we hear you and are hopefully fixing these issues. 

I've (Chris) have been busy cleaning up, mucking out and re-writing the back end of Tall Poppy. In doing so, I realized it need MAJOR cleanup behind the scenes. When creating Tall Poppy, we both didn't know how to code to well and I didn't know how to code at all. Part way through the game development journey, I started learning code and used what I learned to put together the game to the best of my abilities. We released it in 2019 and had some decent downloads but not as much as anticipated. After it was released, it was a "set and forget" game. A learning experience. A trial of how we worked as a team and how to finish a game and the steps in between. 

Fast forward to 2021, our game was getting maybe 0-10 downloads a day, basically on life support. We put it on the market for free because we knew it had some bugs and there was not a demand for it. Now it's Sept 21st 2021 and a tiktoker playing our game and it BLEW UP! I woke up to a surge of downloads and my messages started blowing up! It was so cool. Realizing that there was a market demand for the game, I decided to put a small price on it, mostly because our fridges are empty haha. So to those who knew the game was free before but isn't now, it's because we are still struggling devs that need to eat somehow. I hope you guys understand. 

With the influx of people playing the game now, the majority of players are not having many startup errors or audio issues. There has been a small influx of bug reports of fatal errors and no audio. Since we see some value in the game and people want to play it, it's my top priority to fix what we made so you can enjoy it the best. Also, we want to release it on Steam and want to put our best foot forward for that release as well, especially before Halloween :)

I have a huge Trello list of things that I'm working on and my original intent was to release a build that hopefully fixed some of the audio and errors people were having. Well, when doing some re-structuring, I decided to fix more fundamental issues in doing so, caused the task list to get longer. So I will miss this Sunday (Sept 26, 2021) deadline for a patched build. At this point, with the skillset we have, I feel confident that we can clean up some of these issues in about a week's time. In doing so, we will have a much more efficient and cleaner build to play, instead of a tangled web that it was before. 

For an audio fix, some players have been having luck with doing this

  1. Go to sound settings
  2.  Manage sound Devices
  3. Disable all sound devices excluding my desired device

"Went to sound settings and disabled my speaker output on board audio because i use the external audio interface booted up the game and i heard everything".

"Click the audio tab on the bottom right of the task bar, click "Open Sound Settings", click "Manage sound devices" under Output, click "Speakers/Headphones".

I love seeing your reaction videos on YouTube, Twitch and Tiktok so keep it up! It warms my heart that you guys have been having a good time with the game! Keep it up!

Thank you for giving us a chance to entertain you. We know the game is short but sweet (intentionally) and will continue to make it better!

Chris Larue

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