Patch v1.4.1 Released!

Patch v1.4.1 released! 

Hey guys, Chris here!

I just finished doing some more cleanup and things that got past me for v1.4.0. I also made a few additions. 


  • Disabled motion blur
  • Adjusted audio in graveyard and church, it was to quiet
  • Added game volume slider in options screen
  • Chase music should stop if you get killed
  • Important doors have proper name when you look at it other that "Church Door"
  • Added organ interaction

Art & Environment

  • Make new better flashlight material and strength
  • Fixed random light on stage that I forgot to remove haha
  • Added new lights to church to light it better


  • Added new voice lines

That's it that's all for this patch! More to come over time while I continue working on v1.5.0 for the Steam launch! (Itch will get it to). 


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Oct 25, 2021

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